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I see so many women in midlife and older struggling to adjust to health changes. They are endlessly searching the internet for the answers to things they can’t control, rather than taking control of what they can improve.

I know first-hand that you’re tired of being tired, living with excess weight, chronic pain, and the constant feeling of not being “healthy” by society’s standards. Throw in any other health complications like surgeries, medications, or chronic illness, it seems easier to hide under the covers and struggle silently.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

I’m Janice Naimy, a National Board Certified Health Coach and I help women take back their health. It’s about exercise, proper eating, and better sleep, but to maintain those habits starts with a positive mindset. 

For 20-plus years, I have been helping people from 40 to 90 regain strength and flexibility and improve their health. I worked at the YMCA first as a personal trainer and later on a bigger platform of health innovation to improve community health.

I worked with all levels of staff and community leaders to change policies and physical surroundings to bring healthy living to all people. I have facilitated evidence-based programs and was a trainer for Y-USA for the YMCA’s Diabetes Prevention, Blood Pressure Self-Monitoring, and Healthy Weight Loss programs.

My passion is helping people navigate their health journeys and finding what works for the individual to make the healthy choice the easy choice. I enjoy the one-on-one with clients and listening to their needs. Utilizing positive mindset shifts, behavioral modifications, and motivational interviewing I help my clients find ways to live their best lives.

In my downtime, I enjoy spending time with my husband and helping my mom navigate her Alzheimer’s journey. I also enjoy being outside and gardening with an aeroponic system, and creating healthy meals.

How I got here:

2002, Master Personal Trainer Certification, National Personal Training Institute, Orlando, FLA.

2019, Initial Health Coach Certification, Dr. Sears Wellness Institute, San Diego, CA. 

2022, Master Health Coach Certification, Dr. Sears Wellness Institute, San Diego, CA.

2023, National Board Certification Health and Wellness Coach, San Diego, CA.

I’m dedicated to continuing my education so I can best serve my clients.

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Shred it. Live It. Share It.

The Shred10®️ program is a fun, effective, and do-able jump-start to better health. With these 10 simple guidelines you will shred the food and habits that are not serving you and will focus on clean living and flooding your body with whole food nutrition.
Each month you can hit the restart button. The Shred10 program runs for 10 days each month, has great recipes and lots of support to help you break the bad habits and add some healthier habits.
Contact Janice for details on how to you can join.


Janice really takes the time to get to know you and to discuss your health goals. She guides me to make small changes that make a big difference in my quality of life!

During the time I worked with Janice, she kept me focused and helped me reach my goal weight. I highly recommend her process, I feel healthier, more energized and happier!

What can I say - Janice is awesome! I started taking my weight loss journey seriously in March 2020 just as COVID was ramping up. I knew I had an opportunity to work from home to really take massive action with my health and wellness. I started working with Janice and she immediately explained the plan and what to expect and away I went. Janice helped me develop a results-oriented plan that would fit the specifics of my day-to-day life. Also, the weekly touchpoints helped keep me "between the navigational beacons". She provides proactive support, direction, and accountability which I was sorely missing and why I had failed so many times before. Since working with Profile I started out at my highest weight ever (330+lbs). As of today, I am down over 155 lbs! I am currently in the low 170s with another 15 or so to go. If you are at all on the fence about working with Janice let me tell you that if you are willing to fully commit to her and the plan - IT WORKS and YOU WON'T REGRET IT!

I have been working with Janice over the last 9 months. She has helped me tremendously on my lifestyle journey change. She is always positive, thoughtful and energetic. I respect her approach as a lifestyle coach. She works with you and truly gets to know her clients.

Janice is a one-of-a-kind nutritionist! She portrays a high level of professionalism and sincerity in every task she undertakes. Her comprehensive approach combined with cutting edge interventions and in depth personalized assessment make her a very unique dietitian/ nutritionist. She firmly believes in eating right and using the highest quality nutritional supplements available, thereby giving her clients the ability to quickly achieve and maintain their personal health goals and live a happier, healthier and longer life. Thank you Janice!!

Hiring Janice was one of the best decisions I’ve made as a manager. She not only has a strong work ethic, but her ability to connect with people makes her a fantastic coach. She listens for your why, pushes you within reason and holds you accountable. She truly knows how to motivate and is extremely knowledgeable about fitness and nutrition.